Second Half Now

The best news ever, and what to do with it

February 24, 2019

Radio Guest: Peter Kozushko

Dr. Peter Kozushko is Senior Associate Pastor at Countryside Community Church in Sherwood, Oregon.  He oversees the evangelism and discipleship ministries of the church that serves some 1,200 people.  He equips and motivates members to understand, love, live, and share the true meaning of the Gospel.

In the second half of life, we love good news.  In fact, we crave it.  It’s hard to imagine life without a reasonable dose of good news.  There is news, then there is really good news.  It should be no surprise that as a pastor Dr. Dan sees a strong connection between the really good news that God offers and being able to live a life of meaning and purpose.  This is what he talks about on this show with guest Peter Kozushko.  Just what is that really good news?  And how does that help people live a life that matters?

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