Lessons from a wheelchair: embracing L.I.F.E.

July 15, 2018

Radio Guest: Ron Heagy

Ron is quadriplegic, in a motorized wheel chair for 38 years.  With every reason to be bitter, angry, and depressed, he has the attitude of a winner.  He has earned a Master’s Degree, written a book, started a camp for disabled youth, become a recognized painter, and has spoken to over three million people with a message of inspiration and hope.  How has he overcome his tragic accident to live a life that matters? https://secondhalfnow.com/


The best home for your aging loved one

July 8, 2018

Radio Guest: Diane Delaney, Golden Placement Services

Is your aging loved able to be safe and happy on their own at home?  What signs should you look for, and what are your options?  This is almost never an easy transition for families.  But when safety and happiness are at stake, you want all the help you can get.  This show has that for you. https://secondhalfnow.com/


Showing up – doing good

July 2, 2018

Radio Guest: Andrey Ivanov, Co-Founder, Flash Love "aired July 1"

Here’s a group of dozens of youth who can be mobilized with a few phone calls.  They learn the value of service, and the good feeling that comes from helping others.  Andrey says, “I asked God to show me my purpose in life, but I wasn’t prepared for His answer!” https://secondhalfnow.com/


Giving people hope and opportunity

June 25, 2018

Radio Guest: Cathe Wiese, Executive Director, My Father’s House "aired June 24"

It’s amazing how this works!  When some people help other people, both the giver and the receiver experience a blessing.  That’s what happens at this family shelter.  And it happens every day when the focus is on the two main things everyone needs.  Cathe says, “After 18 years of doing this, I have never grown tired of helping people give and receive hope and opportunity”. https://secondhalfnow.com/


Independence at home

June 25, 2018

Radio Guest: Martin Bradford, General Manager, Hello Milo! "aired June 17"

AAPR surveys say that 90% of seniors want to stay in their own homes as long as they can.  The challenge is to make sure independence doesn’t become isolation.  Our guest explains the critical importance of nutrition, socialization, and cognitive engagement.  These keys will help the loved one be happy and healthy while still having their independence at home. https://secondhalfnow.com/


Going the distance!

June 11, 2018

Radio Guest: Bud Lindstrand, former CEO, Moda Health

You can stay engaged and productive well into your later years.  Hear how a former corporate executive does it in his 80’s.  And learn some keys about how you can keep going long and strong also. https://secondhalfnow.com/


It’s happening all around us!

June 11, 2018

Radio Guest: Larry Whittlesey, National Director, U.S. Mission, YMCA

What does it take to live a life that matters?  The good news is that it’s not as complicated as you might think.  Hear some stories of how some Second Half’ers are living a life that matters, simply by doing what they love and helping out with something they care about. https://secondhalfnow.com/


Changing the way we think about the homeless and the hurting

December 9, 2016

Most of us are concerned and compassionate when we see someone who is struggling in life. That struggle takes many forms and often expresses itself in the person being hurting or homeless. We have ideas about why the person is in that situation, and we might even have ideas about what can or should be done to help. But, wait a minute. What if we're wrong? What if our observations and assumptions are not accurate or don't tell the whole story? What if there are different answers? There just may be some things we hadn't seen before. Tune in to our conversation with Bill Russell, Executive Director of Union Gospel Mission. Find out what you may have been missing, and what you can do about it. https://secondhalfnow.com/


Surviving and Thriving with a Disability

December 1, 2016
Do you know anyone who lives with a disability?  Anyone in your circle of family and friends?  What do you think when you see someone in public in a wheel chair or with obvious limitations?  Do you ever think about what life must be like for them and their family?  Maybe you have said to yourself, or to someone else, “There, but for the grace of God, go I”
This show digs into the issue of disability.  The Viggianos have been there.  And they are still there.  If you want to know what you can do to minimize the harsh impact of a disability, and get a ray of hope, you’ll want to hear this show. https://secondhalfnow.com/

Coaching: Perhaps the most important key to success

November 21, 2016

Baby Boomers grew up wanting to change the world. Then reality struck: it’s called “life”. We realized that the world was a lot bigger, and we were a lot smaller than we realized.

But maybe it’s not too late. Do you still have things you want to do that will make a difference in your world?  Maybe we can’t change the world like we thought we could, but just maybe we can find a couple things in our life that we would really like to achieve or accomplish. Things that would make life better for us – and for others around us. There is one key to success – maybe at the top of the list - that will give us the results we want. https://secondhalfnow.com/